Looking to Develop Online Store? Here’s Drupal with Tons of Benefits.


Ecommerce platforms are plenty in number but Drupal stands-out due to its ability to acquire custom business forms. Small, mid or large, whatever is your business form and no matter how dense are your business requirements, Drupal as an eCommerce platform is here to stay.

Drupal 7 is friendly CMS that lets development of an online store with the help of pre configured themes, useful extensions and Qualified Drupal Developers. With single and one time investment, you get an online store with refined management tools, custom eCommerce solutions, free and premium themes and a store with integrated social networks.

We are PHP Developer India – a web development company with an elite panel of Professional Drupal Programmers to help you achieve your business goals, success and profit that you deserve. We promise you to employ our tons of experience, deep knowledge and a thorough expertise in Drupal technology to offer you world class Estore.

For Drupal Development India, Ubercart is a cost effective solution application that integrates Drupal with online stores. We re experienced in utilizing Ubercart to develop secure, easy to manage and highly functional eCommerce website. Get in touch with all your requirements and witness the magic with your dreams.


Framework Based Web Portal and CRM Development For Unusual Business Productivity


Speed of app development and performance are the two reasons why developers are opting for framework development. It helps to reduce overall time spend behind development and allows to create stable applications with the reduced quantity of repeated code. In the modern app development market with highly complicated and dynamic websites, framework helps to streamline business processes to ensure truly efficient, practical, and manageable end product.

Php frameworks are doing miraculously great job in application development rendering amazing simplicity and looks to websites. In the world drive by web languages like php, Frameworks have emerged out as an ideal option for application development, website development, cloud computing services, web portal development and so on.

Aspect, prospect and trend of web development have completely changed, but php based web portals are still hot and happening in the market. Web portals are necessary as they help you improve your identity as an entrepreneur, summing up new horizons for your business in extremely simplified way.

At PhpDeveloperIndia, our efforts are always to incorporate most interactive and up-to-the-time web technologies to meet your sophisticated development needs. Either web based application or client server application, we equally target on all the stages of Portal Development India to make sure that we deliver solutions that are only best for your business.  To make php based framework done and functioning, we make use of latest technologies. Below, we have listed most common portal found across the web.

Different Types Of Portals

  • Employee portals
  • Management Portals
  • Project portals
  • Customer portals
  • Knowledge Management Portals
  • Partner portals

Similar to portals, CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) are also emerging out an effective mode of communication within company premises. Sharing of files, communicating with clients, making conversation between employees and discussion about rising issues and many other necessary functions are incorporated within CRM that necessary for the growth of any company. It helps you understand nature of your clients and visitors.

At Php Developer India, we ensure to develop CRM based on php that synchronizes with your business objectives and needs. Our technical skills and awareness has enabled us to create scalable, multi-channel, efficient and interactive system that reduces the cost and propel the services. With our CRM Development India Service, we want to ensure high return of your investment in terms of productivity, profitability and performance.

Get Reward of CakePHP Technology By Hiring CakePHP Developer


Its rapid and its powerful too, CakePHP web application development is strongly rooting its position in the ground of web development leaving other development technologies far behind by miles. It certainly offers a highly flexible architecture that helps developers to create database driven websites and web applications that are easy to build, maintain and deploy. CakePHP uses design patterns like MVC and ORM that reduces the overall development expense and allows CakePHP developers/programmers to develop web applications more quickly and neatly by avoiding haphazard of codes.

PhpDeveloperIndia, a synonym to quality web development, has teams of experienced web developers who specialize in CakePHP Development India to offer unparalleled web solutions with features that are decisive for cost-effective development. You can hire CakePHP developers on timely or on project bases for customized CakePHP development services and wing your business to soar high in the sky of success and leaving down the cut-throat competitive ground for others.

CakePHP development

From the web development prospective, CakePHP is a user-friendly web development framework that reduces the stress of writing extra codes and allows CakePHP web developers to accelerate the development process. It supports JavaScript, Ajax, XML and other technologies and languages and does not demand for set-up configuration each time as LAMP configuration gets automatically modified.

Among the small and med-sized business owners, fashion of going online and hiring a professional web developer is quite hot and happening. You can hire CakePHP programmer at Phpdeveloperindia for CakePHP web development and can connect to the stream of modernization to re-define the business methods and conquer new horizons.

Hire CakePHP Developer Phpdeveloperindia For Services like,

  • CakePHP development solutions following MVC and ORM structure
  • CakePHP Web development and maintenance
  • CakePHP web applications development following business standards
  • Custom yet flexible CakePHP application development
  • CakePHP development solutions catering vivid business needs
  • Affordable CakePHP solutions to enhance identity

At Php Developer India, our developer believes in furnishing web applications structured on secure frameworks that optimize work productivity and limits cost. Hire Cakephp Developers  at Phpdeveloperindia who will certainty serve to any sort of CakePHP web development requirements meeting deadlines.

This was only a quick collection of CakePHP features and methods of how CakePHP Web Programmers at Phpdeveloperindia will reward you by employing CakePHP framework for speedy web app development.

Whatever your business is, to reach the best of CakePHP development solutions, Feel free to Contact us right away.

CMS Comparison Joomla vs. WordPress – Which is Best For Business Needs?


Discussions about wordpress vs. Joomla always close with vigorous arguments and to be honest, I am not the first one and surely not the last one to take-on this topic. Both of them have somewhat similar functioning area, but are strongly opposite to each other.

Today, if I say that website ecosystem runs on WordPress Development services than hopefully, it will not hurt anyone, because WP is most famous, easy to use and wordpress customizations fulfills many more purposes apart from blogging. Country like India is filled with talented pool of highly qualified and professional WP developers who powers wordpress website development and wordpress theme development services.

WordPress Themes are developed to support all kind of CMS applications, which in result empowers end-users to come-up with something that is truly required for the success of their business.  Websites developed on wordpress are feature rich, but when it comes to handle complex task, Word Press may prove to be frustrating.

Joomla offer neck to neck competition to WP and can be placed as second most famous CMS around the globe. Same as WP, Joomla Development India is also based on MySQL and PHP using Apache host.  File structure of Joomla is more messy and confusing compared to wordpress and its object oriented codes demands more time to de-code.

The Advantages of Joomla

Joomla allows trouble free management of website content and also enhances the working speed of website. Combination of both, WP and Joomla, using same data base can be awesome and offers best blogging platform. It offers 30 MB of installation capacity and, 100 MB for website and template.

Joomla CMS development offers easy handling of CMS network integrated with membership area, forums, website having many users, newsroom and many more. Joomla does not require dense coding but still, if you want to avoid coding headache than you can Hire Joomla Developer from country like India at most affordable pricing. If you are a blogger or interested in article marketing than, Joomla allows you to set author name, activation and expiry date of article, breadcrumbs and many more noticeable features in admin area.

Joomla module customization can interact with database to offer powerful results. You can develop custom modules for Ecommerce store, project management, estate agency, photo gallery and many more. We all know that extensions are very useful in adding more information to website, hence by Joomla extension development or by downloading extensions; you can add unlimited information to your site.

Open Source CMS development using Joomla platform can be extremely fertile as it offers secure Administration interface, Editors based on Ajax and JavaScript, Design-content Separation with templates, Search Engine Friendly URLs etc. You can either contact offshore Joomla Development Company or hire Joomla website designer who can help you in the process such as installation of CMS applications, construction of templates, custom modules development, designs integration and many more to make your site function efficiently.

The Advantages WordPress

WordPress as I mentioned earlier, it is heaven for blogger and even Google is crazy about it.  Wordpress CMS templates offers multi layouts and using it website can be developed having a main page and many sub-pages.

Content can be added using widgets and widgets such as tag cloud widget, category widget, latest post widgets and bunch of other widgets are easily available across the net. By downloading and installing plugins, functionality of wordpress can be highly enhanced. But, if you are not able to search plugins of your call, then you always have a welcome door of wordpress plugins developments to meet all you custom needs.

If you are indulged in the business of selling products online, then WordPress ecommerce solutions are emerging as serious options for you.  Installing ecommerce plugin to your wordpress CMS can offer shopping cart and CMS under one roof.

WordPress CMS development is highly in demand as it offers professional admin panel to control web pages, SEO related data and content and many more exciting things. To avail cost effective and reliable installation and configuration of wordpress cms, it is suggested to contact wordpress website designer from offshore country such as India. You can hire wordpress developers and ask them to offer services such as integration of third-party WP modules, SEO plugins, Multilanguage capability, Multimedia plugins and many other plugins into your WordPress CMS.

Disadvantages of Joomla and WordPress


Joomla is easy in hands of designers and developer, but newbie or fresh users may end up with severe headache. As compared to WP, it has lesser blogging features and functionalities.

Word Press

WordPress is user-friendly from beginners to experts. It is also loved by Google, have more plugins, extensions and modules to satisfy any complex business requirements. It is easy to customizes, simple to add, edit and delete data from WP. In-short, WordPress has upper-hands as compared to Joomla.

Hence, depending on requirements selection of platform must be done. But to get better results and maximum out of your expenses, it is suggested to use both together using same database.